8 Essential Principles for Learning Guitar

A guitar is a musical instrument that is great. It enhances the musical tone and makes the music feel so relaxing and fun. It is easy to learn if you can follow the following principles while learning the guitar.

Principles for Learning Guitar


1. First, learn to practice, and practice to learn.

This is the most essential step in learning music as well as the guitar. Make sure that you get to practice one hour in a day on daily basis. This will help you automatically get used to the guitar and learn fast. Note that at first, it will be so hard especially when it comes to finger patterns. They will pain at first because they might not be used to such tasks but with time they will get used to and they will be playing freely without even necessarily engaging your brain.


2. Stay motivated

This is a very important step for a learner in music and also applies for a guitar. As simple and sweet a guitar seems to sound, it is very hard to master a guitar in a very short time. It takes hard work determination time and practice. I personally suggest you find a group of learners that also are learning guitar.

Note I said, learners. Yes, the reason why I suggest for learners is that you can motivate each other cry on one another’s shoulder and visualize goals amongst your selves, for instance, playing to your favorite music on a stage.

Also, you can set short term goals together. As opposed to engaging yourselves with experienced people in the music industry who will find you a piece of baggage to them yell at you when you don’t get it and give up on you every time you try. They will easily make you give up with no time.

3. Ensure you get the basic skills the right way.

Learning basics are the most important step to help you go all the way up. Learn to hold the guitar the right way at the right angle. Learn the chords and the notes. Learn the rhythm and the lead. Learn strumming and picking. Do not be in a hurry to learn. Perfect on the basics.


4. Learn to listen

Listening is a special skill that one should learn and put into action. Listen to others play, listen to yourself play learn to note a mistake when you play. Listen to your favorite music and try imitating with your guitar. Listen to the chords, the notes the strumming. Learn to listen.


5.Familiarize yourself with music theory

Learn the theory of music. Learn the names of your guitar strings. Learn how to know bad and good music through a guitar. Music theory is interesting but can be tiresome and boring to learn.


6. Play in time

This helps if you play with the help of a metronome. I realized most people while changing the chords, they tend to pause a little bit to change their fingers. Like I said practice and use a metronome.


7. Plan a variety of routines

Listen to your favorite music and play along with it. At times change and play your guitar with more challenging songs and chords and try to perfect. Change your environment as well as the routine you are used to.


8. Buy a guitar and have fun

With your own guitar, you are able to dictate your own time, timetable. Choose your own music as well as have fun on your own. Print out your own chords and practice them at your own free time.

Music associated with a guitar is the most fun and relaxing moment especially when you play both all by yourself. If you learn the above basic principles then you are good to go.